Gravity Crashers

Gravity Crashers is an infinite runner game, where the player has to parkour his way through the city. The game was made in Unity by a group of 3. We were 2 artists, and me as programmer. The target platform for this project was android. The game took about 4 months to complete.

Gravity Crashers is an infinite runner game made for mobile. You can run, duck and switch lanes in order to avoid obstacles and pick up coins and the berserker pickup. If you fill up your berserker bar you will become invulnerable for a short amount of time. The character can run on the ground, on the walls, and if you pick up the hook pickup, you can even grind on the trails above the track!

Some of the features I implemented:

  • Movement on up to 4 tracks, each with 3 subdivisions
  • Input system for touchscreen
  • Pickups
  • Level unlock system
  • Saving and loading game state (on multiple platforms)
  • Extendable coin and shop system
  • Animation system
  • Much more...
  • You can find a full log of our progress here

    Screenshot 2 Screenshot 3