Constellation is a strategic twin-stick shooter. It was made in about 14 weeks in Unity. It was a group project with 3 artists and 2 programmers (including me). We started the game from scratch and went through all the hurdles of making a game. We initially started in UE4 but had to port to Unity due to some technical difficulties.

Constellation is a 2-player game, where both players try to defeat pirates, gather resources and conquer planets. Players can place resource gathering buildings on planets to gather the 3 different resources, or they can place turrets to hinder the enemy player. Players can also upgrade their base and their ship, to deal more damage or get more armor. The goal of the game is to destroy the other player's base. This can be achieved in 2 different ways: Either shoot it with your ship, or gather enough resources to build a laser from your base that shoots all the way to the enemy base.

What I did:

  • Physics based movement
  • Interaction with planets
  • Factory functionality
  • Input
  • AI: Pirates and turrets
  • Full upgrade system
  • UI programming
  • Ship selection (With saving and loading)
  • Game manager and most of its functionality
  • Object pooling
  • You can find a full log of our progress here